How We Teach and Learn

group learning in permaculture design course

One of the central tenants of our philosophy as an educational facility is that we are all teachers and we are all learners.

Through their experiences in our immersive learning environment, we aim to allow students to become teachers themselves, solidifying newly-gained knowledge while simultaneously sharing skills with newer students. At the same time, all of the members of OUR teaching and ground team are cognizant of the wealth of experiences and opportunities presented to them by the students passing through OUR Community and take full advantage of those contributions to OUR Ecovillage. This circular transfer of knowledge allows for more efficient uptake of new skills, increased retention, and healthier work doneĀ  by community, through community, and for community.

Students in our longer programs and internships are welcomed to a discussion early in their stay that invites the sharing of experiences within past educational settings. Whether home-schooled on a boat in the Inside Passage or traditionally-schooled in a Chinese high school in Beijing, OUR learners come from a huge variety of educational backgrounds and bring with them a spectrum of beliefs and tactics for best learning practices. Through sharing with each other both what those ideas and experiences are from the get go, students and teachers alike are able to recognize how best to tailor each day for optimum growth and learning.

To learn more about OUR educational philosophy, permaculture, and work we do at the Village, watch the short video below.

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