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Observe the land in all its seasons and deepen your understanding of how it interacts with the wider environment around it through the practice of permaculture.

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OUR learning center is host to groups who wish to learn in an immersive environment about how they may live in harmony with the earth sustainably. We are all teachers and we are all learners.



OUR volunteers are invited to contribute their gifts to the village and learn community through building relationships with each other and to the land itself.  Well, it starts with communication.



At OUR workshops, retreats, and ceremonies we connect to the healing ability we each have within through traditional wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the healing power of nature


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What Our Community Says

Read what people are saying about their experience at OUR Ecovillage

The courses at OUR Ecovillage are a life changing experience for everyone who attends. I mean it. The comprehensive thinkers, designers, and builders on team have a serious specialty or two to share with you. They will take care of you.

Mark Lakeman
Permaculture Teacher

OUR is a fantastic place because when you’re here permaculture is all around you: you’re living it and seeing it in the gardens & natural buildings. Many people come into permaculture with a dream of founding a community or an ecovillage and here – they’ve actually done it.

Teacher and activist

OUR is committed to modelling & sharing the future we all need. Whether you stay for an hour or a decade, a piece of the village goes with you – and a piece of your heart stays there. Deepest bows to all who work to evolve this important community space.

Jason Guille
CEO @ Stream of consciousness


Through their experiences in our immersive learning environment, we aim to allow students to become teachers themselves, solidifying newly-gained knowledge while simultaneously sharing skills with newer students.

Gaia Education Training of Trainers

April 14th – 19th

Answering an international demand for more well-qualified educators and facilitators!

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Gaia Education Sustainable Development Goals

April 14th – 15th

Decode United Nations conventions into frameworks for action!

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An Introduction to Permaculture

April 27th – 29th

Taught by: Starhawk, Charles Williams, Brandy Gallagher, and other fantastic guest teachers!

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OUR Little Permie People’s Kids Camp

April 27th –  May 13th

A homeschool, unschool, educational immersion program. Jump in with our amazing permaculture teachers!

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OUR Ecovillage Design Course

Apr. 27th – Jun 2nd

An official contribution to the United Nations, and  ratified as part of the Global Ecovillage Network!

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OUR Permaculture Design Certificate Course with Starhawk!

April 27th – May 13th

A 72-hour PDC over 16 days & evenings packed with learning

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Forest Dwellers: Spring Program

February – June

Explore, discover and adventure while learning skills that have allowed kids all over the world to thrive in nature!

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Fine Finishes: Clay Plaster & Sculpture

July 14th – 27th

3 courses from introductory to artistic. Choose from a weekend to 2 weeks in July

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Ecological Building and Just BioFibre

July 31st – Aug 11th

2 weeks of workshops and special events for builders and professionals

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Come of Age with Author Stephen Jenkinson

June 30th 

A book reading & talk by author Stephen Jenkinson from his newest book

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Composting Toilets: what, how and why

August 17th-19th

Composting toilets are now a legal option in BC. This workshop will get you ready.

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2019 Permaculture Teacher Training

March 23rd – 30th

Offered by the Cascadia Permaculture Institute, and certified by the Permaculture Institute of North America.

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