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OUR Ecovillage – is located on an extraordinary 25 acres near Shawnigan Lake. OUR Ecovillage began operations in 1999 with a vision to create a model “Sustainable Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre” rooted in social, ecological, and economic well being. As a multi- stakeholder organizational structure there are a number of organizations, industry partners, government/regulatory authorities, researchers and local to global community members participating in OUR Learning Community. With K-12 School Groups, 13 Universities/Colleges, corporate sponsors, and a wide variety of interdisciplinary educators – all walks of life are considered for training of how to live and learn into OUR collective future. Tours, Farm-stays, class trips (including longer term stays), celebrations, eco-conferencing — with accommodation services and break out rooms, industry and professional development, Green Burial, and much more.

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The 2nd half of OUR Educational CSA box!

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The second season of OUR Educational CSA food box program is upon us! Community Supported Agriculture is a fantastic way to strengthen the community by directly connecting locals to farmers, which reduces food waste and focuses on quality and sustainability over profit.  If you would like to be a part of the last 10 weeks of OUR harvest, this is the most abundant part of the season! You can register through the link below.

You will have two options:
1. The Educational Veggie Box, suited for 2-3 people, includes a mix of seasonal fruits and vegetables, a recipe and an occasional locally-made product. The cost of the Veggie Box is $32.50/week (single box $40)

2. The Educational Lifestyle Box, suited for 4-5 people, and beyond the fresh produce, recipe and occasional locally-made product, includes a varied selection of eggs, preserves, meat (or veg option), and other goodies prepared by OUR team. The cost of the Lifestyle Box is $42.50/week (single box $55).

We look forward to sharing OUR abundance with you!

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Spend  your summer learning Natural building!

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Dreaming a more sustainable future is on the agenda for many, especially with Climate Change and Pandemic creating and very unusual situation for us all this summer. What does your future life look like? What steps can you take to proactively reduce your footprint while making life better? If this future includes a (more) natural home, read on…

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