Are you looking for a chance to be an active part of a rich and rewarding ecovillage community lifestyle? Does the opportunity of spending quality time fully immersed in one of North America’s premiere sustainable living demonstration sites sound appealing? How about living among like minded folks from across the globe? If these prospects excite you then chances are you’ll truly love the volunteering experience available at OUR Ecovillage.

We need volunteers on-site at OUR Ecovillage to help in the following areas:

– garden & grounds management: no experience necessary
– kitchen staff: food safe required, health conscious and knowledge of dietary restrictions useful
– construction (carpentry, plumbing, pipe fitting, roofing): Red Seal preferred
– natural building : some experience helpful
– animal care : experience helpful, longer term volunteers preferred

What is living at an Ecovillage like?

As a volunteer you will be invited to join us in the day-to-day of village life. Whether tending to the garden, building up on-site infrastructure, or cooking lunch, you will have many avenues to contribute to OUR Ecovillage and gain experience in the area of your interest. In addition to the hands-on tasks you will also have an opportunity to learn and practice essential “soft”-skills for community building.

Living in community means building relationships; with the land, the people and ourselves. This means participating in OUR daily check ins, weekly community meetings and much more. As a member of the village you will invited to partake in and contribute your uniqueness to the medley that makes up OUR culture.

OUR Ecovillage is also renowned for it’s educational programs which means many different courses take place here throughout the year. Be prepared for many visitors and course participants congregating in this bastion of permaculture and sustainable living during your experience. Your unique skills are invited to help facilitate and/or prepare for the many wonderful learning opportunities available here.
While volunteering with OUR team you will be able to camp onsite (weather permitting), potentially stay in OUR dorm space (availability permitting) or if coming for a longer term stay, your own trailer or temporary shelter. We will share more information on short and long term stays below.

Ready to Volunteer?

Along with filling out the volunteer form (link below) please attach resumes and your background information and let us know what has you wanting to come and join us. We want to get to know you and your vision of volunteering with OUR Ecovillage.

From there you will be in touch with a lovely villager who’ll correspond with you in creating your village experience. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have, so please feel free to ask us anything.

It is pertinent to mention that certain parameters have been put in place for the volunteering program within which we can craft individual’s experiences of contribution. For starters, we have a standard trial period of up to 7 days for new volunteers. This period is of great importance as it allows the village and volunteer to assess the fit and determine whether or not further volunteering is desirable for all involved. Details will be discussed with the volunteer coordinator prior to, and, during the trial.

The length of your stay is something else that will be discussed between the volunteer coordinator and yourself. We prefer people who are willing and able to stay for longer periods, 1 month to longer so that they can get into the flow of village life and maximize their experience. 

For length of stay many factors are taken into consideration such as: number of volunteers on site, particular skill sets that may be needed and time of proposed experience. Each situation is unique and there are occasions where an individual comes for a ‘try it out’ period only to become a part of OUR community longer term. This occurs through the developing of trusting relationships and a desire for heightened responsibility and accountability by the individual. There are numerous examples of folks whose intention to volunteer short term ends up extending to a stay through the season; to then come back and lead projects or courses, and in a few cases become long term land stewards in OUR Ecovillage Cooperative.

Can you sense the myriad possibilities?

Are you feeling the call to join the magic at OUR Ecovillage?

Please note: We are currently only taking volunteers for February 15th 2019 ONWARDS.

However, we are open to accepting applicants who have skills in certain trades: carpentry, electricians, etc. for over the winter. 

Much gratitude!