Nobody likes to have their sense of freedom diminished. Freedom gives us a sense of being powerful and full of possibilities. It’s important to remember that every freedom is linked to a responsibility. Currently, the freedom of medically vulnerable people is dependent on the responsibility of healthy folks to protect them. Here at OUR Ecovillage, we’re grateful to have others to interact with on site who we don’t have to keep physical distance from. At the same time, we are extremely careful about our few interactions off site and with visitors. We’ve similarly heard of some families who choose one or two other families to not practice distancing with, for their kids’ friendships especially, while limiting interactions outside that. It’s especially hard to stay physically distant from grandparents, because they might live alone and miss their families, while at the same time being at greater risk. It may take some brave conversations to try to get on the same page with your family and closest friends about how to manage risk. Some are simply willing to take the risks associated with fewer precautions overall. While we respect that choice, we hope all of you respect our choice to abide by the mandated precautions for farms and educational institutions. We find that we can reframe these precautions not as restriction and fearfulness, but as a commitment to caring. This makes it feel tolerable as a sacrifice for the good of the whole. We hope all of you are finding ways to feel deep human connection on a regular basis, whatever your circumstances and choices are.

~ Ardell Broadbent