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O.U.R. Cob Oven & Bench

was the first natural building on-site, constructed in 2002 by many hands learning and experimenting with cob, sculptural techniques and plasters. The bench and oven are central to the outdoor eating area, has served hard playing folks as a place to sit and enjoy the company of fellow villagers and even put out the occasional tasty pizza.


The Healing Sanctuary

was the first natural building on site, built in 2002. Techniques used include timberframe, cob, strawbale, hydronic floors, natural plasters and tatalac. The Healing Sanctuary was created with the intention of serving the community as a home for natural therapy practices on-site, as well as a space for birth and hospice services.


The Art Studio

is the second natural building on-site, began 2004. Techniques used include cob, straw bale, chip n slip, rammed earth, sheep’s wool insulation and more. The building was chosen for the Olympic Legacy funding in 2008.The construction, like that of The Sanctuary, was facilitated by the hands of students and instructors, learning from and teaching each other.


O.U.R. Organic Garden

is an ever expanding demonstration garden of raised beds, green houses and food forests constructed using organic growing and permaculture practices. Here we grow all of O.U.R. own produce and healing herbs with the continued help of the educational programmes through TOPIA, Gaia College and interns from the food production programmes on-site.


Taj II

is our largest educational space complete with storage area and temporary kitchen. The project was started in 2009 and is completely wheelchair accessible. Buidling techniques include light clay, chip n slip, timber frame, board and batten, topped with an expansive, red, metal roof donated by Vic West.


The Chillage

is exactly what the name says – a place for interns, staff and residents to chill! This covered space with beautifully integrated log framing, gorgeous cob sculpting and the cutest little Flinstones roof ever is a hub of activity during summer, people eating, working, sharing, talking and skyping. C’mon in and pull up a patch of cob bench..


Freya’s House

is the first of the residential sector of the village and home to the Gallagher-Berg family. Techniques used include earthen bag foundation, timber frame, rammed earth, cob, strawbale, passive heating and cooling and waste management. The home is named after Freya Gallagher Berg to recognize that we are not only building for our generation, but our children’s.


The Credit Union

is one of O.U.R. on-site outdoor facilities complete with composting toilets (great for passive heat during the winter!) for your daily deposits and a sink with independent gray-water management. The composting toilets are filtered through zone five of the land and the gray-water is integrated into the pond system on the land, filtered by various shrubs and aquaculture.