OUR Wish List

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You can help OUR Ecovillage thrive by donating some of the needed items (in good working condition) on this list.  For valuable items, we are happy to barter/exchange for OUR Ecovillage courses & events.

Top Priority Items

  • office computers (desktop or laptop), Mac/Apple preferred
  • heavy-duty (energy star rated) washing machines.
  • queen-sized mattress, boxspring & bedframe.
  • food processors for children’s cooking classes
  • vacuum cleaners
  • wheelbarrels

Kitchen & Zero Mile Eatery

  • commercial high-temperature dish washer
  • crab pot cookers
  • 40-gallon metal barrels (for clean boiling water)
  • assorted linens & tablecloths
  • assorted dishes/bowls/cups/cutlery
  • miscellaneous small kitchen appliances

Farm & Garden

  • moveable electric fence
  • fencing material
  • cream separator/butter churner
  • spoiled hay
  • topsoil
  • clean, dry wood shavings/chips
  • gravel, assorted sizes

Building & Construction

  • insulation
  • plywood
  • back hoe
  • cedar posts & rails
  • single-axle utility trailer
  • portable air compressor
  • stationary air compressor
  • table saws
  • 18-volt Makita or Milwaukee power tools
  • Bobcat tires with tread and rims
  • t-post pounder