Composting Toilets: what, how and why

Weekend workshop with Gord Baird

Friday Aug 17, 7 pm – Sunday Aug 19, 4 pm 

Composting toilets are now a legal option in BC. To get it right it’s important to understand options and set up your system in an easy functioning way. This workshop will get you ready.

Friday evening:  presentation and introduction

Saturday & Sunday: Explore options and build a composting toilet system

You will learn

  • How does a composting toilet work
  • Do’s and don’ts of compost toiletry
  • Choosing the best system for your situation
  • How to build a simple composting toilet
  • Build a composting station for humanure

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Gord Baird

Instructor Gord Baird is one half of the Eco-Sense home co-created with his partner Ann eight years ago. Their project has achieved international attention for the sustainability initiatives they have done in earthen building including Petal Recognition for the Living Building Challenge. They have done ground-breaking research and helped change policy. Gord has just written the newest book on composting toilets with his partner Anne, “Essential Composting Toilets.”    This workshop will cover the practical applications and best practices covered in this book.

Gord is one of the leading experts working with OUR team on ‘Closing the loop on healthy and affordable housing’.


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Closing the Loop on affordable healthy housing

OUR Ecovillage is proud to be recipient of Environment Canada Eco-Action Funding for our Alternative Systems in the Housing Cluster. A workshop on Rainwater harvesting will take place September 22.

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Available in Autumn 2018

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