WHEN ‘FOOD IS MEDICINE’ COLUMN (Brandy’s New Passion Project):

So given we are moving into cold/flu season, given we are living in the midst of a global Pandemic, and given we have so much need for nutrient rich, antiviral/immune boosting, and good heart medicine foods….well I thought I would unleash some creative passions in the “art of food as medicine”.  Permaculture Principles apply just as much in the kitchen as they do anywhere else in our lives so here goes ~
Your lovingly created food as medicine this week is a small jar of “Pandemic Passion Pear Medley 2020”.  It is a robust blend of:
  • pears (folate, copper, Vit C, potassium & antioxidants)
  • quince fruit (poly-phenolic antioxidants, copper, Vit C, anti-allergy/antiviral/anti-inflammatory/anti-cancer, and sweet flowery essence)
  • raw honey (phytonutrients, high antioxidant/anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, digestive)
  • raisins (digestion, reduces acidity, phytonutrient, good for bones and skin)
  • ginger (gingerol has digestive aid, anti-inflammatory/antiviral, circulation)
  • cinnamon (anti-fungal, influences blood sugar, anti-inflammatory skin/brain, anti-cancer, Vit A, Calcium & Potassium)
  • nutmeg (high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory/antibacterial/antiviral, boosts libido, influences blood sugar)
  • ashwagandha herb (reduces stress/anxiety, adaptogen meaning it promotes health in multi-health systems of the body, immune booster, heart help….and much more).  Ancient remedy applications that you might wish to research for more learning and support!
LIFESTYLE BOX ADDITION info:  “Those Bloody Peaches” item…..made from an amazing and unusual peach named ‘Blood Peach’.  They are almost a brown colour with markings of darker red on the inside.  before we canned them they look like this: