One of OUR interns, Angelica Fisher, is creating weekly kombucha brews and experimenting with fruit juices and medicinal herbs from OUR farm. If you would like to purchase some from us the options are either 1 litre or 480mL of kombucha in bottles that you would bring back to get refilled each CSA Thursday pickup day (it can be weekly or on Thursday’s of your choosing). You also have the option to simply purchase a kombucha scoby and starter so you can experiment with brewing your own. It would include a scoby, 250mL of starter, a small transport jar, and instructions to get you started.  


1 Litre of Kombucha = $8.00 

480mL of Kombucha = $4.00 

Kombucha scoby and starter = $8


If you would like to purchase some kombucha from the village then please contact her and let her know what bottle size you would like and on what date! Because we are only brewing on a small scale, 1 week advance notice is preferred so we can ensure we have enough ready. If you would like to make a last minute purchase though do not hesitate to ask! 

Please email Angelica at, OR text her at 403-846-6893 to express your interest and to ask any questions

By Angelica Fisher, Intern with OUR Ecovillage, Instagram: @angel_fish254