By: Kira Gillingwater, Intern at OUR Ecovillage, Instagram: @swamp.daughter 

Each week during the CSA we are going to have a Let’s Get Wild! exercise that can be done at home. This week we invite you to a practice called ‘earthing’. Earthing is to go outside and spend some time walking with your bare feet on the Earth.

In these changing times, it is more important than ever to be focusing on our health and well-being. Did you know that being in direct contact with the Earth’s electrical charge by ‘earthing’ has been scientifically proven to benefit mental and physical health? ‘Earthing’ can be another tool you can use to take care of yourself in a holistic way.

Use the following practice to really ground down and take care of yourself.

  • Take off your shoes and step outside.
  • As you put your feet on the earth allow your awareness to drop into your feet as you tune into the ground beneath you — feel the Earth holding and supporting you.
  • Keep in mind that all of the food you eat — like the food in this week’s CSA box and beyond — has come from the same Earth.
  • Can you feel the magic in the soil that makes the plants grow?
  • Ask yourself, how does that magic feel in your own body?
  • Ground down and soak up the medicine!