My Momma’s Apple Dumplings!

Featured in your lifestyle box this week is Brandy’s mom’s Apple Dumplings! From wide and far they drove – all to buy the $1 per dumpling treat at a little getaway resort, off highway 99 (seven miles before Whistler), called the Brandywine Inn.  This 400 acre family home though once a thriving resort was turned into a park by my parents Ruth/Ray Gallagher in 1973 after years of pioneering in long winters and finally seeing the dream of a world class ski resort come to life.  For many many years the odd traveller, and then later logging truck drivers and ski bums galore would stop regardless of what else was on their ‘schedule’ to have an unscheduled cup of coffee and a “Brandywine Apple Dumpling” made with love and little prayers by my courageous mother Ruth.  Hope you enjoy her bit of magic and secret recipe – please send any feedback you might wish to share.