Permaculture Teacher Training 2011

Permaculture Teacher Training 2011

May 3, 2011 Permaculture 0

This past week we had the privilege of hosting Jude Hobbs who taught the Permaculture Teacher Training Course for 2011 at the village. Benefiting from her teaching expertise were 13 teachers in training: Liuba Apostolova, Jason Barber, Brenda Bernhardt, Mike Cloutier, Pollen Heath, Clive-Micheal Justice, Chris Kasza, Jorden Leighton, Jeff and Joanna Leinaweaver, Sharon Proske, Blake Santifer Robbins and Justin Tilson. Living on site in the presence of these folks’ dedication was an incredible experience. The buzz of hard work was so inspiring to watch – random meetings in the early morning and late evening along with studious looks on faces hunkered down with laptops in the chilly Chillage.

The dedication to the permaculture material was beautifully showcased at the final presentations. Each of the student teachers were on a team, but presenting on a separate topic. The idea was to co-ordinate working together and segueing between topics with individual presentations. And wow! I was impressed by how professional and engaging each teacher was with their own voice and style. I can’t wait to see these folks out in the world sharing the good word!

Here are some words from the students themselves about their experience with Jude as a teacher here at the village! Next year’s Teacher Training Dates have already been decided – March 25th through April 5th, 2012 – come one, come all!

The 2011 Permaculture Teacher Training with Jude has given me many more tools
for teaching diverse groups of people with different learning styles. Jude is extremely
knowledgeable, able to convey an enormous amount of information clearly, succinctly,
and in ways that make learning fun and easy.

OUR Ecovillage is an ideal environment for teaching and learning. The Sanctuary,
where our classes were held, is a very beautiful space, both aesthetically and
energetically. This, along with Jude’s lovely energy and presence, contributed
significantly to the harmonious interactions between and among participants and the
mutual support and encouragement offered by everyone. The week was a rich and
rewarding experience, and I feel much better equipped to teach any subject, not just
– Sharon Proske

The 2011 Permaculture Teacher Training with Jude Hobbs made me more
confidant in my ability to effectively teach people. Although the
focus is on teaching permaculture-related content, what we learned is
applicable to teaching any type of material. I am better prepared to
recognize people’s specific learning styles now and tailor curriculum
so they can grasp it as easily as possible.

We each took so much from O.U.R.’s Permaculture Teacher Training!
We came from diverse backgrounds each with unique interests & common
goal of improving our abilities in teaching. Learning from our cohort’s passions
& experiences along the path with the notable guidance of Jude Hobbs, we
accomplished this goal & much more.

With great intention to learn teaching styles formal & informal, I rejoiced while
foraging on mountainside when I realized I was applying several of the lifelong
learning tools Jude & my cohorts helped instill. Connect with your audience,
Share your teaching objectives, Close the loop with creative repetition &
Have fun. One of my first applied learning moments following O.U.R’s PTT
came while simply sharing a personal story. I’m so excited for helping guide
others down the lifelong path of learning while teaching. Jude has shared
confidence & placed strong footing for moving forward.
– B. Santifer Robbins


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