The CSA is a fantastic way to strengthen the community by directly connecting locals to farmers, which reduces food waste and focuses on quality, sustainability and building relationships over profit. OUR mission is to educate, inspire, and transform by co-creating a thriving learning community and permaculture demonstration site. OUR Educational CSA includes special content to support community stakeholders in a learning journey which includes all ages and even has fun activities for children/youth! With accompanying digital content aligned with the BC Provincial Curriculum, OUR Educational CSA enables learning from home through doing. Think of it as a course combining STEAM, Design, Health Education, and home economics in one box… that you can eat!

OUR team would like to communicate that we are implementing all WCB COVID-19 response protocols to ‘Stop the Spread’ and ensure the health and safety of all residents, staff and the community that we serve.

As a response to COVID-19, we will be doing a slow food drive-thru for our CSA program, following physical distancing protocols. When you drive up to the pick-up location, just pop your trunk and we will place your food box right in… AND stay tuned for the upcoming “Physical Distance – Social Connection Zone” we are manifesting in the education courtyard!