One of the most exciting things about a garden is the anticipation of what beauty and bounty is to come. So this week we want to tease you with what will be finding itself in your boxes later in the season … TOMATOES! The greenhouses are filled with little tomato plants from West Coast Seeds that are promising a bounty of fresh fruit to share with you. You are being given a well loved small tomato plant of your own, and in case you feel daunted in caring for one here are some simple resources to get you started:

We hope this excites you, because in the words of West Coast Seeds … “A home-grown tomato, grown from heirloom or hybrid tomato seeds, is a thing of beauty. There is probably no simpler way of demonstrating the joy of gardening than by comparing home-grown and store-bought tomatoes side by side. Organic tomatoes grown with care have superior colour, size, texture, sweetness, aroma and of course, flavour.”
Also just a friendly reminder, please return last week’s bin when you come by for pick-up on Thursday, as well as any egg cartons, containers, and jars. We would also ask that you please avoid petting the farm dogs when you arrive on-site, so that we can maintain our animal bio-safe zone and COVID-19 protocol.
Thank you all for your support and for giving us the pleasure to share our passions with you!
~ With love and gratitude from OUR ECOVILLAGE