OUR Ecovillage Public Tours

We are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are two tour options available, the Guided Public Tour and the Self-guided Tour.

Guided Public Tour

The guided public tour begins with a one-hour educational PowerPoint presentation. This will include handouts, reference materials, networking, and Q&A time.

From there we will move outside for an additional one-hour site walk. Note that the public tours will take place rain or shine,  so please dress accordingly with proper footwear.

Additional Information

For the safety and well-being of all our animals and livestock, we love all animals and we ask that you do not bring your pets on the property.

Children are a welcomed part of OUR Ecovillage. We ask that the parent or guardian take full responsibility and supervision for their children while on site. The building sites, woodworking shop, and gardens are areas where children must have adult supervision at all times.

We offer a mostly vegetarian, yummy, mostly organic, and mostly from OUR Garden for a recommended donation of $12. Please confirm any food issues/allergies if you are planning to stay on for lunch after the tour.

If you are coming from a distance and wish to book in to OUR Eco-Guest House please book through OUR Food and Accommodations page.

The Guided Public Tour starts at 10am! Please arrive at 9:45am in order to be seated for the start of the tour. You will be walking right into a tour presentation if you arrive late or your directions pose any challenge, so we advise that you leave yourself lots of time.

Upcoming 2020 Guided Tour Dates available:
There are currently no tour dates available as we are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Self-guided Tour

When you come for a self guided tour you will be given a map and the freedom to see various elements of the place/people/processes. Unfortunately, unless you are on a guided tour, you are requested not to enter the buildings unless invited in.

Things to Know

Please close gates behind you wherever you go as we have (overly friendly) free range livestock on site.

Please watch for children and animals when moving your car.

Please respect private spaces and just to ask questions and introduce yourselves as you move through the grounds (this really helps OUR folks to know why you are stopping and talking with them!).

Please read our Visitor Guidelines or see the Directions to OUR Ecovillage.