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EDE – Ecovillage and Ecological Living Design Certificate

This course is being reworked due to the COVID-19 virus.Please contact us for more information. At OUR EDE, we will teach you how to design communities and ecovillages as “living community centres” and as adaptation models for climate change and social justice in a new global paradigm.​ The Ecovillage Design Education curriculum was an official…
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January 16, 2018 0

OUR Events Report (March, 2015)

Well, spring is on its way and the signs of that are very obvious from the return of the robins to the appearance of the first Stinging Nettles here on the farm. The birds are up earlier and the angle of the sun has changed. The daytime is warmer and that calls us out of…
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March 2, 2015 0

Breath as Medicine Workshop

With Scott Kelly–OUR resident & facilitator-Conscious Connected BreathworkScott is a resident of OUR ECOVILLAGE! He will be offering a group Conscious Connected Breathwork Sound Session for 90 minutes on: Sunday December 7th from 1:30–3:00. A very special journey accompanied by two very accomplished musicians Tanya Devine and Ocian Flo teaming up to offer “Of the…
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November 27, 2014 0

OUR Eco Village’s Eco business invites you to ‘be the change’ AND support OUR.

Gentle Earth Mission: Global warming, climate change and the abuse of our planet by some of us is very real. Scientist are now saying that how we conduct ourselves in the next 10 years will determine the next 100. We must learn to walk more gently on this planet and Gentle Earth Products mission is to…
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November 8, 2014 0

A Message from Brandy (October 2014)

How did it become Fall? I never expected to find myself ‘falling’ at this point…and after the last 10 months will never still expect to ‘fall’.  I am wanting to connect with so many folks–to find a way to fully express my “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE”!   After all this time of finding ways of being…
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October 10, 2014 0

Gentle Earth Joins O.U.R. Ecovillage

Have you heard the exciting news?! Local, “eco” company Gentle Earth Products Ltd. has officially made its move to O.U.R. Eco Village, in Shawnigan Lake, where it is manufacturing and distributing over 100 all-natural cleaning and skin care products, made right here, by local artisans, in beautiful British Columbia; O.U.R. is a proud endorser of…
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February 5, 2014 0

OUR Welcomes Scott Kelly and Gentle Earth

A big welcome from everyone at OUR is in order to Scott Kelly, who moved on site just a few weeks ago. It was quite the parking challenge as his portable home was nestled in to a great space beside OUR Healing Sanctuary, but it’s been smooth sailing ever since. We’re so happy to have…
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December 5, 2013 0

Living Future Symposium – November 9th

The Cascadia Vancouver Island branch and UVIC office of campus planning & sustainability present: Living Future Symposium – Creating Resilient Cities! November 9th at UVIC B150, Bob Whright Centre. With special guests: Elizabeth May, Trevor Hancock, Stephen Salter, Roy Brook, Guy Dauncey, Scott Murdoch, Richard Iredale, Anita Wolfe, Christopher Bowers and Brandy Gallagher of O.U.R.…
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November 1, 2013 0

Sustainable business magic

OUR Ecovillage Partners with Gentle Earth Products to Protect OUR Ecovillage while Promoting Earth-Friendly Products Gentle Earth Products of Victoria has recently proposed supporting OUR Ecovillage by creating an on-line, Gentle Earth product purchasing option with 50% of the profits coming back to the Protect OUR Ecovillage campaign. “By purchasing from this website you are…
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February 15, 2012 0